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Process Automation Valves

Time:2021-11-12 17:29:14 writer:小编 PV:

In order to successfully realize the process automation, the most important thing is to ensure that the valve itself to meet the process and the special requirements of medium inside the tubes. Production processes and process media are usually able to determine the valve type, the type of spool valves and valves within the pieces of the structure and materials.

Next, select the right valve is necessary to consider the following requirements for automating the choice of implementing agencies. Can be a simple operation of the valve according to two basic types to consider implementing agencies. 

1. Rotary valve (single rotary valve) 

Such valves include: plug valve, ball valves, butterfly valves, and damper or baffle. Such valves have been required torque needed to conduct a 90-degree rotation of the implementing agencies

2. Multi-turn valves

Such valves may be non-rotating valve stem or rotary hoist the non-upgrade-style bar, or say that they need to be transferred operations to drive the valve to open or closed position. Such valves include: straight-through valve (stop valve), gate valves, knife gate valve and so on. As an alternative, linear output pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder or film executive agencies to drive the valve open.